Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From the Archives - CCT under construction

In 1995, the Capital Crescent Trail above the Arizona Avenue bridge was still under construction. I took a ride one day to document the progress. At the time the trail was a bit of a secret, and it was a great adventure to be out on it. Nowadays riding along the trail is pretty ordinary, and the adventure is seeing how it looked in its early stages. Here are three photos from the uphill segment of the trail between the bridge and the Dalecarlia Reservoir buildings. We start with an impassable Arizona Avenue bridge:

A few hundred feet up the road in a hollow beneath Potomac Road, N.W., was a Volkswagen carcass, apparently shoved over the down the hill from above. Or perhaps it fell by accident. In any case there would have been no easy way to get it back up. There wasn't much left of it by the time I came across it. (The hollow remains but the VW was removed right about the time the trail was paved.) Click for full-size, and a better view.

Finally, we have the unpaved trail itself. It looks so tranquil.


  1. Take a rephoto of it, showing what it looks like now from exactly the same angle. They're lots of fun to do. Hint: print the old photo on transparency film. That will help you line it up.

  2. My idea as well. Indeed on the way home today I was paying attention, looking for the same spots I'd stood in 1995. The bridge and the VW hollow are easy. That unpaved section may be a bit more of a challenge, esp. given the different season. I'll figure it out though!